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  • In order to ensure that all of our owners and guests enjoy their time spent on the property, the following basic rules and regulations have been adopted by your Board of Directors and will be strictly enforced.

  • Maximum Occupancy per unit is 4 adults and 2 children as per the Galveston Fire Code. This occupancy restriction also applies to use of the common areas and swimming pools. Children under the age of 21 must be accompanied by their parents at all times. Swimming pool rules are posted in the pool areas.

  • No animals or pets of any kind are allowed in the units or on the common areas at any time.

  • Balconies must be kept free of clutter and are not to be used for storage of personal or household items. Please do not hang clothing, towels or decorations from the balconies. Wind chimes, flags and hanging plants are not allowed; potted plants should be kept to a minimum and maintained in a neat, healthy condition. Please do not feed birds from the balconies. No Items are allowed to be adhered to or penetrate the exterior of the building or balconies. Storm blinds must be approved by management prior to installation.

  • No signs, foil, cardboard, or any other item visible from the exterior, shall be displayed in the window of any unit. Only white backed drapes and white security bars or storm blinds are allowed on windows. Door mats or exterior decorations are not allowed in the common hallways.

  • All vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas and must have the proper parking permit. A maximum of two permits are allowed per unit. There is no assigned parking. No boats, trailers, recreational vehicles, etc. are allowed to park on property. Only with the advance permission of Management can an exception be made.

  • Owners and guests may not make or permit loud, disturbing or objectionable noise. Stereos, TVs and radios must be played at a volume so as not to disturb other occupants of the building. Contractors and/or owners who are performing work on the property must not perform loud work which could disturb others before 9am, after 5pm or on weekends. Owners are responsible for detail clean up of all contractor work performed.

  • Any common sidewalks, driveways or parking areas, may not be obstructed or used by any owner or guest as a play area; for use of bicycles, rollerblades or skateboards, or for any other purpose than ingress or egress. Bicycles must be kept either inside your unit or locked securely onto the bicycle racks provided on the ground level. Bicycles secured to the racks must be maintained in working condition. The common are water hoses are not to be used by non-employees.

  • Trash receptacles are located throughout the property; we appreciate everyone keeping the property clean by placing all household trash in the proper receptacles. The Dumpsters located at the rear of the property are to be used for household trash only. Owners are responsible for removal of any other items from the property, i.e. discarded furniture, water heaters, air-conditioning systems, etc.

  • Barbecue grills, hibachis or smokers are never to be used or stored on the balconies, in the units or in the hallways of the project as per the City of Galveston Fire Ordinance. Barbecue pits are located on the west side of the property for use by all owners and guests.

  • All owners and guests must wear appropriate attire for a family establishment when in common areas or limited common areas, specifically clothing which conceals the person in a manner suitable for a family atmosphere. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not allowed in the common areas or at the swimming pools. Only proper swimwear is allowed in the pools, no street clothes or t-shirts may be worn while swimming.

  • There are two (2) master key systems on the property (private and rental). Every unit is required to be "keyed" to one system or the other. Any change in locks must be handled through the Homeowners Association. Access to units and lock outs are each owner’s responsibility, however, during business hours, if an owner requests access to their unit, the HOA can arrange for a work order to be made and the owner will be billed at the hourly rate of $60 per hour plus parts. Only an actual owner will be given access to a unit. After hour lock outs are not considered an emergency and owners are responsible for access to their units after hours. Outside locksmiths are not allowed to change locks. In the event of a lock out after hours, a locksmith may be called to open the door, but not change the lock.

  • Owners are responsible for the maintenance of the interiors of their units and may hire outside professional contractors to make necessary repairs. Access to units must be provided by the owner, keys to private units are not available at the office. In the event of an emergency or in order to prevent damage to units and based on available personnel, interior work may be performed by the Association’s staff. Any emergency service calls will be billed at a rate of $60 per hour plus parts during business hours, additional charges apply if an after hour emergency call is necessary. Association personnel are available on property between 8am and 5pm.

  • In the event Casa del Mar is your permanent residence, the front desk must be notified to hold your mail. No large parcels (maximum 12” x 12”) can be accepted at the desk. Arrangements must be made to have parcels delivered directly to the unit and they must be accepted by the owner/guest.

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