Casa Del Mar

Hurricane Ike Information

This web-site will be updated as often as we have accurate information available to report to the owners.

As of February 19th, we can report the following:

The first group of units in the east building (units 130 – 145, units 230 – 245 and units 330 - 345; also called the "Y" units) were released for occupancy with permanent power on Friday the 13th of February – just in time for the 1st weekend of Mardi Gras! It was close, but we made it...It came down to the wire (no pun intended) when we powered the units up and then had a failure on the Centerpoint side. Luckily, Centerpoint was able to come out and replace the bad parts on the transformer and the units were ready to go by around 7pm. This is a good example of why we are reluctant to offer exact dates for when power will be restored but we do our best to give a reasonable time frame in which owners can expect their units to be ready for occupancy.

Remember to check the web-site – it is kept up to date with any new information or changes in projected project completion dates.

As of today, we are calling for the electrical inspectors for the mid unit section of the building and the TENTATIVE schedule for getting permanent power restored in the remaining units in the east building is as follows:

February 26, 2009

Sometime in early to mid March

We will be able to determine more accurate schedules as each week passes and we will post the information on the web-site as soon as it becomes available. Please remember that these schedules are entirely dependent on numerous factors and entities so check the web-site for up to date iniformation.

There is a complete description of all of the steps involved in the electrical distribution replacement process posted on our previous posting on the web-site which is quite educational. We trust everyone understands the complexity and coordination involved in this project and appreciate your patience as we continue to move forward.

One other great piece of news is that the last Generator has been removed from the property! You may recall that when we began work on the east building electrical systems, we had the large generator that had supplied power to the entire east building removed and we replaced it with a smaller machine that only powered the lobby and office areas. We now have had the offices temporarily tied into one of the recently replaced panels in the "Y" section. We are very appreciative to the electricians for their creative work in moving our power resources from one location to another as the systems come on line.

Earlier this week, Marty was up on a man lift power washing the building where the generator's diesel fuel left some discoloration. You never know where you'll find Marty on the property or what he'll be doing! We are very fortunate to have such dedicated and hard working folks on our team!

We are also pleased to report that the maintenance shop is back in full operation – the maintenance team did an outstanding job of working in some really adverse situations over the past few months and we are so proud of them for all of their efforts bringing the shop back into order. It's great to see them so organized and back in business!

The East elevators are currently being worked on but there have been more damages than originally estimated on the rear elevator. The front elevator is unable to be worked on until the electrical distribution system for that area of the building is replaced, which will most likely by several weeks from now. Unfortunately, we have run into many unexpected delays like this, but we've learned to be patient and not lose focus on the progress we've made, all the while looking for solutions to the problem at hand.

There is a very long list of things to do and things we need in order to get back to "normal"; for instance, many owners have asked about the status of the satellite T.V. cannels. Replacement of the water damaged satellite equipment is on the list; however, we are focusing on other necessary repairs and replacements first. But again, we're not discouraged by the delays because we are making progress each day in many other areas.

The Island celebrated the first weekend of Mardi Gras this past weekend and what a celebration it was! The weather didn't cooperate fully, but Heaven knows we've dealt with that before. It will take more than a few rain showers to dampen the island's spirits. The Seawall was packed with locals and visitors alike catching beads and enjoying the festivities. There are quite a few restaurants and shops now open on the Strand and along Post Office Street – it's so wonderful to see the island bouncing back and celebrating again!

A few openings in the Downtown area everyone might be interested in are:

Other area openings:

The Islander Magazine – locally owned & published, is a great source of information for historical, current and upcoming island happenings. We’ve been very impressed with the local insight they offer on everything from hurricane recovery efforts to business openings and events.

We will continue to post updated Hurricane Ike recovery efforts and progress on our web-site and hope that you find this information helpful. Thanks for your patience and support!