Casa Del Mar

Hurricane Ike Information

This web-site will be updated as often as we have accurate information available to report to the owners.

As of February 6th, we can report the following:

The electricians, Center Point and City Inspectors have been coordinating our electrical distribution replacement efforts and we are anticipating the east building permanent power to be restored in phases as follows:

By February 13th

Units 130 - 145
Units 230 - 245
Units 330 - 345

Sometime in late February

Units 113 - 129
Units 213 - 229
Units 313 - 329

Sometime in early March

Units 100 - 112
Units 200 - 212
Units 300 – 312

We will be able to determine more accurate schedules as each week passes and we will post the information on the web-site as it becomes available. Please remember that these schedules are entirely dependent on numerous factors and entities.

We trust everyone understands the complexity and coordination involved in this project and appreciate your patience as we continue to move forward. Just as a reminder – the electrical distribution replacement process in the east building is as follows:

After this process is complete on one section of meter banks, we move to the next section.

As is noted above, the project is somewhat complicated and involves coordinating quite a few entities. We will post updated information regarding more specific dates for the remaining units to have their power restored on the web-site as soon as it is available.

We are also coordinating the repairs of the east building elevators to hopefully coincide with the opening of the building. Schindler Elevator techs worked on them as much as they could until the power to the east building was terminated. Now that the building is getting its power restored, they will start working on them again.

Installation of the new fire alarm system is nearing completion. We have had some difficulties with wiring issues, but overall, the project has gone very well. We will be entering all units on the property during the next several weeks to test the new smoke alarms. We would appreciate owners discouraging all guests from smoking inside the units - especially in the bedrooms because their small size triggers false alarms. The Rental Association does not allow smoking in any of their units for this and many other reasons.

The Annual Meetings of the Homeowners and Rental Associations were held on Saturday, January 31st and the owners in attendance were presented with an overview of our hurricane recovery efforts to date. More details from the meeting will be sent to all owners with their next owner statement.

If you haven't been to the island and surrounding areas, you should come down and see the progress we’ve made. There is still a very long road ahead, but the community has pulled together with true Texas (and island) spirit! We'll update the web-site as soon as we have more information to report.