Casa Del Mar

Hurricane Ike Information

This web-site will be updated as often as we have accurate information available to report to the owners.

As of January 9th, we can report the following:

Happy New Year! We're hoping you and your families had a safe and joyful holiday season! We're excited to start the new year off by reporting more progress in our recovery efforts.

The entire west building has had permanent power restored since December 26th and we hope those owners are enjoying spending time in their units. The east building electrical distribution replacement project is now under way. All power to the units in the east building has been disconnected and the electricians are in the process of rebuilding the walls that the meters and electric panels will be attached to. We have traded in our large generator for a much smaller one that will power the offices in order to keep operations running smoothly during the project.

Schindler Elevator crews began unloading materials for the elevators this week and we look forward to them starting on the north end west building elevator sometime next week.

We have begun installation of the new fire alarm system for the property and the project is moving along smoothly. We have completed the installation of new smoke alarms in the bedrooms of all east building units and will be working on the west building units next week. Upon completion of the device installations, and when permanent power is restored to all units, we will be able to test the alarms in all rooms and in the common areas. The installation and testing process both require that we enter each individual unit and we will leave a note letting each owner/guest know that we've been in for that purpose. We will also be posting notices regarding this project's schedule in the common areas of the property.

We have scheduled the Annual Homeowners Meetings for January 31st and will be sending formal notices to all owners in the next week with more details about locations and times. We continue to work with our insurance adjusters and the insurance companies on our claims and will be presenting a status report to the owners at the annual meetings.

We have been taking photos of the island and will have a presentation of current recovery efforts for our owners at the meeting. More and more businesses on the island are opening and construction crews abound making repairs. Cleaning crews continue to remove debris throughout the island and the beaches along the Seawall are looking much better. We are seeing quite a few tourists enjoying the beaches on the weekends as well, weather permitting.

We'll update the web-site with more current information as it becomes available. As always, we appreciate our owner's patience and support in our recovery efforts.