Casa Del Mar

Hurricane Ike Information

This web-site will be updated as often as we have accurate information available to report to the owners.

As of December 24th, we can report the following:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Everyone!

All west building units have all had their permanent power restored and Centerpoint has finished the final meter installations for the building service panels which control the common area lighting in the main hallways and center stairwells. The entire west building is operational and ready for occupancy. We will have quite a bit of detail work to complete in the west building involving timers and replacement of some common area fixtures over the next week or two.

We are still on track to begin preliminary work on the east building permanent power replacement on December 29th when the materials for that project are scheduled to arrive. All units in the east building are scheduled to have power disconnected on January 5th in order for us to begin replacing those electrical distribution systems as we have in the west building.

We are working on a plan to run temporary power to the offices and lobby area in order for us to remain open during the east building project. It is our hope to be able to supply power to all essential operations using several of our 3 phase power panels that were not damaged during the storm. Ideally, we would be able to remove the current generator; however, we will not know the final outcome until the have the temporary power plan tested.

Prior to the east building project, we will have another scheduled maintenance service on the east building generator. This service is scheduled from 1pm 4pm on Tuesday, December 30th. This will result in the east building being without power during that time. All east building occupants should be prepared to have flashlights available as well as remember to keep their refrigerator doors closed. Notices to this effect will be placed in all common areas in the east building.

The parts for all four of the Elevators are on order and scheduled to begin arriving during the 2nd week in January. The elevator machine rooms which are located on the ground level were submerged in water and all components of the ground level equipment must be replaced. We are planning to install the first elevator in the West Building and depending on how the power project in the East building is going, we will determine if the 2nd elevator to be installed will be in the east or the west building.

The City of Galveston and the Park Board have begun work on the beach replenishment project which will involve placing sand 5 feet deep and 72 feet wide on the beaches from 61st to 10th street. Because of limited funding as well as time restraints due to the Sea Turtle Nesting season, the project is planned to start at 61st and work eastward and at the same time, start at 27th street and work its way westward. Any areas in the middle that are not complete before the funding and environmental timelines run out will be addressed at a later date. We have inlcuded some photos of this project, its quite exciting to see!

We're wishing everyone a joyful holiday and looking forward to a successful, yet uneventful, year ahead! We'll update the web-site as often as we have new information.