Casa Del Mar

Hurricane Ike Information

This web-site will be updated as often as we have accurate information available to report to the owners.

As of December 19th, we can report the following:

Holiday Greetings To All!

We are making significant progress with the electrical distribution replacement projects. We hope to have power to all west building units and the majority of the common areas by December 22nd. When power is restored, we will go into each individual unit to verify that each meter is wired and labeled properly. We will also be checking all common areas to ensure they are adequately lit in order for owners and guests to have safe pathways for ingress and egress.

Upon verification that all units and common areas have power, the units will be ready for owners to occupy them. There will be a considerable amount of clean up work to be done in each of the units and in the common areas Units that have had wind driven rain damage will also have additional clean up work that needs to be done. Because the insurance carriers have not accepted full responsibility for these repairs, the Homeowners Association will not be able to hire contractors to handle this work for individual owners at this point. We are continuing to work with the insurance carriers, however, we recommend that owners who have damage inside their units take the necessary measures to clean their units and wait until the final insurance determination to make permanent repairs. Most wind driven rain damage in the units will require minimal ceiling texture and painting work and should be able to wait for the final determination. However, if an individual owner wishes to move forward with permanent repairs on their own, they are welcome to do so. The Rental Association will take care of clean up and temporary repairs to the rental units for rental owners. We will update all owners on the status of this claim as soon as we have more definite information.

Upon completion of the west building electrical work, we will begin replacing all of the meters and panels in the east building. Power to all units in the east building will be disconnected on 1-5-09 in order for the contractors to begin. We anticipate the east building will be without power approximately 6 - 8 weeks, however, the schedule for this project is contingent on all of the contractors, inspectors and providers being able to do their part in the time frame we have allotted.

Owners in the east building (Units 100 345) have been sent a separate notice, but as a reminder, should make sure there are no perishable items left in their units or in their refrigerators.

There is a possibility that we will have interruptions in television service in the west building while the east building is without power. There is also a possibility the property's WiFi internet service will experience interruptions in service during the east building project. We are not certain to what extent but we will do our best to minimize any down time.

The parts for all four of the Elevators are on order and scheduled to begin arriving during the 2nd week in January. Each elevator takes approximately 10 working days to install.

The lobby and offices have been painted and we are waiting for the carpet to be installed. We have almost completed the determination of which fabrics, draperies, furniture, etc. will be used in the lobby areas. We have begun to replace the office filing cabinets and will be ordering new office furniture soon. The staff members have all been very creative in their efforts to carve out offices through the construction process. We've determined this winter's newest fashion craze is "sheetrock sheik" because we tend to have sheetrock dust on our clothing most of the time.

The meeting room repairs are also under way and being scheduled. We will report more on the schedules for those areas as progress is made.

The west pool heater has been installed and is ready to start. We are waiting until we have more demand for the pool, possibly when more of our winter visitors come down toward the end of January, before we begin actually heating it.

A special thanks to Marty & the maintenance crew for getting the property's Christmas lights up this year. And thanks to Karen and the front desk staff for getting the beautiful Christmas tree decorated in the lobby. It is so nice to see everyone getting into the holiday spirit - you won't find a Grinch among our staff!

We've added a list of favorite attractions & restaurants on our website (with the 12-12-08 Ike update) which indicates if these venues are open or not. More and more come back into service each day. We know our owners will be happy to know that Happy Buddah restaurant opened this week and for those of you who enjoy taking a ride to the west end, we're happy to report that Michael Burger, Nate's West End and Avery's in the Sea Isle Subdivision are all open for business!

The Galveston Historical Foundations' Dickens on the Strand festival was very successful and brought quite a bit of positive media coverage as well as much needed visitors to the Strand Area. The Lone Star Rally, which was held last weekend, was well attended and we appreciated the rumbling of the motorcycles rolling in to town more than ever. It was great to see all of the bikers coming to the island and we appreciate the Rally organizers promoting this year's event as the Rally to Recovery with many events directed to the island's relief efforts.

We'll keep the web-site posted with additional information as it becomes available. We're wishing all of our owners and guests a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy Holiday Season!