Casa Del Mar

Hurricane Ike Information

This web-site will be updated as often as we have accurate information available to report to the owners.

As of December 12th, we can report the following:

The contractors have been working away some days with as many as 14 electricians on site! We have made significant progress and are in the final stages of determining the schedule to bring the west building units back into service and preparing to take the east building units out of service to bring permanent power to the east building. We will post that schedule as early next week as possible after confirming the timelines with the contractors.

The parts for the Elevators are on order and scheduled to begin arriving during the 2nd week in January. We are planning to install the first elevator in the West Building and depending on how the power project in the East building, determine if the 2nd elevator to be installed will be in the east or the west building.

The Satellite system has not been approved for replacement yet, however, thanks to our maintenance department's diligence (and McGuiver techniques), we have been able to get about 17 channels working since the storm. We hope to have approval to move forward with ordering the new system soon. It should be noted that there is a strong possibility that we will have interruptions in television service in the west building while the east building is without power. We are not certain to what extent but we will do our best to minimize the down time.

There is also a strong possibility the property's WiFi internet service will experience interruptions in service during the east building project.

There are so many issues and systems to be considered during these projects and we realize there is a large degree of inconvenience. Please be assured that we will do our best to complete the work in as timely and efficiently as possible.

The west pool heater has been installed and is ready to start. We are waiting until we have more demand for the pool, possibly when more of our winter visitors come down in January, before we begin actually heating it.

The lobby and offices have been painted and we are waiting for the carpet to be installed. We have almost completed the determination of which fabrics, draperies, furniture, etc. will be used in the lobby areas. We have begun to replace the office filing cabinets and will be ordering new office furniture as cash flow allows. The staff members have all been very creative in their efforts to carve out offices through the construction process The front desk was ruined during the storm and it is being re-built, we are hoping to receive the new desk in the next few weeks. The front desk staff has been working off of banquet tables and they are looking forward to being able to operate more efficiently soon!

A special thanks to Marty & the maintenance crew for getting the property's Christmas lights up this year. And thanks to Karen and the front desk staff for getting the beautiful Christmas tree decorated in the lobby. It is so nice to see everyone getting into the holiday spirit - you won't find a Grinch among our staff!

The Island is looking better and better each day too. We've included a list of favorite attractions & restaurants which indicates if these venues are open or not. As you can see, many are open and more and more come back into service each day.

The Galveston Historical Foundations' Dickens on the Strand festival was very successful and brought quite a bit of positive media coverage as well as a much needed crowd of visitors to the island. The Strand area, while far from recovered, was cleaned spic and span for the event and quite a few of the shop owners were able to sell their products curb side if they weren't open yet.

This weekend the Lone Star Biker Rally is taking place and the rumbles of motorcycles rolling onto the island are another welcome sound. This year's event will be focused on fundraising efforts to help with the island's recovery. The weather is perfect again this weekend and we are looking forward to having more visitors see that the island is coming back and ready to host them.

We'll update the website as often as we have new information, thanks for your patience and cooperation.