Casa Del Mar

Hurricane Ike Information

This web-site will be updated as often as we have accurate information available to report to the owners.

As of December 4th, we can report the following:

We hope all of our owners and guests are preparing to enjoy a safe and happy holiday season and we would like to take this time to express our appreciation for all of the patience and support we have received over the past few months. We have learned from our experience recovering from Hurricane Ike that we have so much to be thankful for and that we should never take for granted the many “luxuries” we enjoy each day. Coming back to the island and not having even the basic services of water and power was a very humbling experience. Then consider not having restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations or postal service – not to mention no telephones, internet, fax machines, copy machines, etc., etc.

Looking back at the past 2 months, one can greatly appreciate the tremendous strides Galveston has made in its recovery efforts. And Casa del Mar is on its way to recovery with each and every passing day as well. We now have all of the above mentioned services and more improvements come on line each day. This really makes you appreciate the modern conveniences we have all become so accustomed to enjoying. It also makes you realize what a wonderfully strong willed community we live in. We have experienced the very best of neighbor helping neighbor and community leaders coming together to manage some very diverse situations.

As previously reported, we have obtained approval to begin replacement of the electric meters to the units and the electric panels for the common areas in the west building. We are in the process of working with Center Point, the City and various other contractors to coordinate the project. Jamail Construction has completed removal and replacement of the majority of the walls that support the meters (the back sides of the walls can not be closed until after the meter installation is complete). We have received our first shipments of electrical materials and while we are waiting for the remainder of the parts, the electricians have been cleaning out the underground conduits and pulling new electric cables. They have also installed about 50% of the new breaker boxes and meter cans for the units in the west building. Center Point will now need to install their meters into the new meter can panels. Center Point has also determined that they will be replacing the majority, if not all, of the transformers on the property that were submerged. We will be posting more detailed information regarding when the individual units are expected to have power as soon as it is available – we will most likely have that information available during the 2nd week of December.

As we get further ahead with the west building power replacement, we will have a better idea of when we will start the permanent power project on the east building and how long the east building units will be out of service. As mentioned in a previous update, owners should be prepared to not be able to utilize their units during that project. We will give as much advance notice as possible for this and hope to provide that information within the several weeks.

The Windstorm, Flood and our Independently Hired Insurance Adjustors met on the property on November 19th to review the initial damage claim (currently over 290 pages long) and to work on further determinations of coverage for the various policies. Unfortunately, we are in a long line with thousands of other businesses and homeowners who are waiting for answers and we will update the website as soon more information is available.

On Thursday, November 21st the generator supplying power to the east building failed due to mechanical difficulties. This caused the east building units to be without power overnight. The Casa del Mar maintenance staff (Marty and Steve to the rescue again) as well as our devoted Security Director (Alan) worked late into the night informing owners and guests of the situation and assisting them with access to their units to remove belongings as necessary. The front desk also did a great job of kicking back into emergency mode – kudos to Ronnie, Robbie, Jayson & JD for once again for making the best of an emergency situation. In the end, the generator was unrepairable and had to be replaced. Thanks to Jamail and Correct electric for being here at 5:30am the next morning to make the generator switch out successful.

We had another generator failure on December 2nd ; this one was able to be corrected in less than 10 hours. We are working with the generator supplier to ensure we have adequate service schedules to avoid additional failures, however, as with any mechanical equipment; there is always a chance of problems.

Next time you see Karen Burton, our Administrative Manager, please congratulate her on her newly acquired US Citizenship! Karen moved to Texas from the UK 7 years ago and has been working at Casa for the last 5 years. She is so proud to become a US citizen and we are very proud to have her on our team!

The island was fortunate to have a large group of volunteers who participated in the Garbage Gobble Clean up effort on Saturday November 29, 2008! We are thankful for all of the organizations and individuals who took the time to come down and lend a helping hand. If any of our owners (or organizations you are a member of) would be interested in volunteering, please contact the City of Galveston's Volunteer Reception Center at (409) 797-3710 for ways to assist in our recovery efforts.

December 6th & 7th the Galveston Historical Foundation will host Dickens on the Strand from 10am – 6pm on Saturday and Sunday.

December 12th & 13th the Lone Star Biker Rally will be held and the theme this year is Rally to Recovery – many organizations are donating to the recovery efforts on the island.

Moody Gardens is having their annual Festival of Lights through the end of December.

Check the visitor’s web-site at for additional updates on island activities.

And check out web-site for additional property information – we will do our best to keep you as informed as possible.