Casa Del Mar

Hurricane Ike Information

This web-site will be updated as often as we have accurate information available to report to the owners.

As of November 18th, we can report the following:

Great News!!!! Our main telephone lines are working so please contact us at our permanent numbers:

Property 409-740-2431               Fax 409-744-8896

We've had a few technical difficulties with the lines, so please be patient and keep trying if you don't get an answer right away. We will keep our temporary phone lines in service for a week or so until we are sure all of the permanent lines are consistently working.

We are planning to start permanent power restoration in the west building as soon as the materials arrive. We are waiting on suppliers to give us a firm date for delivery and will update the web-site as that information becomes available. We anticipate that we will begin by moving from the front of the building toward the rear of the building. We are currently rebuilding the parking area walls in which each unit's wiring is housed and upon which each of the individual unit's electric meters will be attached. This will allow us to have the new walls ready for the new electric meters to be installed when they arrive. The demolition and rebuilding of these walls is necessary due to the flooding (and some wind) damage that occurred during the storm, as well as the fact that these 28 year old walls have quite a bit of rotted wood supporting them. It is impossible to remove the old meters and successfully hang the new meters on these walls in their current condition.

Actually, only one side of each of the wall that will hold the new electric meters can be finished out until the meters arrive and are attached to the new wall - then the wiring from the units will be hooked up to the meters and the other (back) side of the wall will be closed / finished out.

The east building units have been operating on temporary generator power and as noted above, the process to connect each of the units to permanent power involves removal of the walls the unit wiring is currently in and replacing the electric meters. One of the details we will be coordinating when we begin the installation of the new electric meters for each of the units in the east building will be the fact that each of those units will loose power for several weeks during the switch over from temporary to permanent power.

We will post that information as soon as more specific dates are available.

We have been able to turn power in to one of the panels that supplies exterior lighting to the rear of the west building. Every little bit of light we are able to provide is a step forward to a safer and more accessible property. We appreciate everyone's patience as we implement this project - there is a light at the end of the tunnel - no pun intended!

Now that we have phone lines and our high speed internet, we have been able to move our main server for the hotel back to the property. We can't thank Karen enough for hosting our equipment in her home and for all of the extra hours she worked making sure we had all of the necessary reports and information to run the front desk remotely. We are very fortunate to have such dedicated and hard working team members.

We are still working on getting our networking resolved and the Accounting Department will continue to operate remotely, but we hope to have it back on property during first part of December.

The front office is operating from 8am - 8pm weeknights & 8am - midnight weekends. We have an emergency phone # for after hours calls: 409-370-3075.

Staff is all doing much better - each day we see a little more progress - but the effects of the storm have been extremely challenging for some, on the home front as well as at work. Operating without elevators, especially for housekeeping and maintenance; moving equipment, supplies, etc. up and down, but the good news is everyone is getting into better shape

We've been checking the interiors of the units in the west building to ensure we don't have any issues with mildew - we have had little if any evidence of problems with this - thanks to the cool dry weather we've had since the storm. We have entered all units and sprayed “pro block” on all stained ceiling areas to kill and prevent mildew from growing. We are waiting for insurance to give us the determination on further repairs. We've also been keeping the doors to the building open to prevent the hallways from smelling musty.

UTMB announced that they will lay off approximately 3,800 employees, which will effect not only Galveston Island, but the entire county. It is anticipated that ˝ of those employees live on the mainland. It is too early to tell, but the effects of this will be felt throughout the entire region. John Sealy hospital is expected to downsize from a 500+ bed hospital to a 250 bed hospital.

On a brighter note, more & more restaurants & businesses are opening up; the beaches are open; and the city is planning another sand replenishment project to start in the next few months. The Strand had its first business open this week - the Parrot Magazine - some others are expected to come on line before Thanksgiving and Dickens. The Dickens festival is being produced with a look back at its infancy - the Strand looked almost like it does today when the first Dickens was put on. Lone Star Rally is scheduled for the week after Dickens and the Festival of Life at Moody Gardens will be open throughout the holiday season.

The Ferry to Bolivar Peninsula is now open - however, there is a 10pm - 6am curfew on the Peninsula

The new Causeway Official dedication occurred this week and all lanes on both sides are open and it traffic is flowing very smoothly.

The island is slowly but surely recovering and we appreciate all of our owner's support and patience. We will continue to post updates on the web-site ad further developments occur.