Casa Del Mar

Hurricane Ike Information

This web-site will be updated as often as we have accurate information available to report to the owners.

As of October 31st, we can report the following:

With each passing week, we are seeing the island getting cleaner and more back to "normal". Although we have a long road ahead, we are proud of what has been accomplished in the past 7 weeks since the storm hit.

We have finally received confirmation from our insurance carrier that we are authorized to proceed with the permanent power distribution system replacement for the west building. The electricians are now able to move forward with ordering all of the necessary materials to begin. They anticipate it will take 2 - 4 weeks for the materials to arrive and then another 2 - 4 weeks for the installation of the meters and panels to start bringing the west building back on to permanent power. As with any construction project, and certainly one in the midst of a hurricane recovery zone, we might experience some delays, however, please be assured that we will do our best to get the project on track and complete in the most expedient manner.

We have been monitoring the west building and checking those units to ensure we don't have any mildew issues and thankfully, the cool, dry weather we've had has made this concern almost non existent.

The west pool is currently being re-surfaced and the new tile and coping are in place and the pool heater should arrive here and be ready for installation by mid November.

We received our new pressure washer and are in the process of washing down all sidewalk and drive areas.

We have also received our new carpet shampooing machine for the common hallway carpet projects.

We will begin painting the common area stairwells and elevator lobbies and front office areas in the next several weeks and hope to have carpet for the lobby and offices by the end of November.

We are still facing challenges with our telephone lines. AT&T is working to restore the main "switch" for our area and we have been told we should have phone lines by mid November. We will post the best phone numbers to reach us on the web-site as they become available.

Because of the lack of telephone and high speed internet lines available on site for the operation, we are still operating the front office and accounting offices remotely. Karen is still "housing" the front desk main computer system in her home while the front desk staff works on site in the lobby using a remote access application and an air card to connect to the main system. The technological challenges are quite perplexing, but we are very fortunate to have such a dedicated and creative team to pull it all off.

Robin in Accounting is also working off site and stopping in to pick up all of the paperwork to keep the Association's books in order. We have had some delays in getting the September financials complete, but are getting back on track now. We have had our mail service back on the property for several weeks now. Please send all correspondence and payments directly to the property.

More and more restaurants and businesses are opening on the Island each day. Many of the restaurants on the Seawall including Gaidos, Salsas, Fishtails & Landry's are now open and serving full menus. Two of our local favorites to open recently are DiBellas Italian Restaurant on 31st & Avenue P and Shrimp & Stuff on 39th & Avenue O. The re-opening of family owned neighborhood restaurants like these is very encouraging in the Island's recovery effort. Additionally, Carnival Cruise Lines has announced that on November 1, they will begin sailing from the Port of Galveston again. The beaches are open and the fishing/shelling have been real good. Many of the fishing charter boats are back on the water and operating once more. As stated at the meeting:

"We will Survive"!

We would like to thank all of the owners who have been so patient during this recovery process and especially those who have been so concerned for our staff. So many of our employees have suffered great personal losses and knowing they work for owners who care for them means a great deal.

We will continue to update the web-site as soon as we have additional information and projections for completion of the various projects.