Casa Del Mar

Hurricane Ike Information

This web-site will be updated as often as we have accurate information available to report to the owners.

As of October 14th, we can report the following:

At the joint meeting of the Casa del Mar Homeowners and Rental Associations, held on Saturday, October 11, 2008, the Boards of Directors of both Associations, the Management Company and Insurance representatives were on hand to provide owners with an update on property conditions, recovery efforts and to answer questions. Tom Martin, President of the Homeowners Association and Scott Brasington, President of the Rental Association, both expressed their appreciation for the owner's support during these challenging times.

There were two distinct messages that the Boards conveyed to the owners; 1) Galveston Island and Casa del Mar will survive and 2) it is too early in the process to provide owners with definitive answers to all pending questions. Simply put, there are too many unknowns at this time.

The extent of the damage to the electrical distribution system has been the most challenging issue. The entire distribution system for the property, including individual meters and common area electrical panels in the parking areas, must be replaced. At this time, the common area offices and units in the east building are being powered by emergency generators. The west building meters and panels are scheduled to be replaced first, in order to bring that building onto permanent power as soon as possible. Once the west building has permanent power, then efforts will be redirected to bring the east building onto permanent power. We will update owners on progress of this project each week on the web post.

The staff has inspected the interiors of all units and has found approximately 60 units with damage from wind driven rain. We found minimal damage in the majority of these units. We are determining which units will need dehumidifying measures taken and to what extent interior paint or other repairs may be needed. We are negotiating for the Association's insurance policy to cover damage in these units. However, it is strongly recommended that all unit owners notify their insurance companies and file an individual claim; loss unknown. Owners are also encouraged to file a claim for assistance with FEMA as a precautionary measure. You should make it clear in any claim that you are filing to reclaim losses that may not be covered by the Association's policy. If you choose to file with FEMA, you can file on line at or by calling 800-621-3362. Please contact them directly as the Association has no way of assisting with individual FEMA claims.

If you are a private owner filing a claim with your insurance agency, please make arrangements to meet them at the property for inspection purposes. It is the responsibility of each owner to coordinate with their respective adjusters to ensure that you are being accurately represented. If you are a rental owner, please contact the front desk and arrange a date / time to meet your insurance adjuster on the property to inspect your unit. Please provide your insurance adjuster with the information on this web-site in order for them to be familiar with property conditions.

We are currently dealing with several different insurance policies and their respective adjusters; most predominately Flood, Property, Wind and the Boiler/Machinery policies. We have hired the services of an independent public adjusting firm to assist us with the claims process. It is estimated that the end results of the claims and the associated expense will most likely not be determined until after the first of the year.

In addition to the electrical challenges we are facing, we continue to pursue repairs to the following mechanical systems:

Because of the limited telephone service as well as reduced hours of operation, it is difficult for staff to individually address all owner questions. We will keep this web-site as up to date as possible. In the event you need additional information, you may call 409.974.0024.

The Board, your management team and staff appreciate the patience, support and cooperation of all owners as we face these challenging times. We are committed to bringing operations back as quickly and safely as possible.