Casa Del Mar

Hurricane Ike Information

This web-site will be updated as often as we have accurate information available to report to the owners.

As of September 17th, we can report the following:

Upon the City's call for a mandatory evacuation, staff executed our hurricane procedure plan and was able to close the property by 2pm on Thursday, September 10th. Most of the staff evacuated the island by early Friday, September 11th. Everyone is currently staying with friends, relatives or in hotels throughout the state, some on other states.

Management is working diligently, and communicating with your Board, as we start work on damage mitigation, filing insurance claims, and eventually, getting the property back in operation. Re-opening will be very much dependant upon the City being able to provide the basic services such as access to the island, emergency response services, water, sanitation, gas, power and telephone services. The city is limiting access to the island at this point and has NOT been able to commit to a date when basic services may become available.

We have been working with our insurance agency and have established the necessary claim(s), been assigned adjuster(s) and are working with them on a daily basis as we ask for approvals of expenditures to mitigate damage.

We have made an initial inspection of the property (thanks to Marty for battling the traffic for hours and putting Casa before his own home needs!)

Marty was only able to spend one hour on the property. During this very limited amount of time, he found that the office and meeting room areas appear to have had about one foot of water in them and the parking lot areas appeared to have had approximately five feet of water in them - we presume from the storm surge. The satellite pictures show that the water had receded already by Sunday afternoon. There is a large amount of debris around the grounds and a fallen tree in the west pool area that doesn’t appear to have caused any damage. The west fence is demolished and all other fencing, while standing, suffered some damage. There are quite a few ceiling tiles missing in the back open "wing" hallways by the pools and of course, the pools are full of debris.

The parking lot level elevator lobbies likely had five feet of water in them. These (salt) water levels may have affected our electrical supply systems, elevator mechanical systems and ground level air conditioning equipment. Water in the office and meeting room areas will require removal and replacement of all water damaged carpet, materials, equipment, etc.

Before evacuation, staff had moved all critical operating systems to a safe storage room on the 2nd level which will likely help us in expediting resumed operations. We will be doing much more extensive inspections in the future and will update this web-site with that information as it becomes available.

We have contacted a disaster recovery company and various other contractors and are discussing options for temporary power and damage recovery efforts with the insurance adjusters.

We are operating our computer systems remotely from the Resort Group management headquarters in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. With our accounting systems up and running on their servers, we have been able to prepare pay checks for all staff members and will distribute them to all who were able to provide us with their locations (some are in transit). We are staying in touch with everyone.

We have sent the Homeowners their monthly common area fee statements from Steamboat and will be handling collections and banking there until mail delivery can be resumed in Galveston. Your association will continue to incur expenses and it is imperative that we continue to collect the monthly dues.

We are working with the City and FEMA to determine when we can expect to be allowed to occupy our buildings. At that time we would expect to be able to offer housing to emergency management teams and the many other people who are already requesting accommodations. Basic services such as water, sewer, hot water, laundry, fire, telephone and electricity are not yet available.

We will be adding updates on operations, damage recovery and photographs of the property to the web-site as they become available.

We are very appreciative of the owner's support and patience during this challenging time. Please know that your management company and your staff members are working diligently each day to perform the necessary duties to bring Casa del Mar back to life. Please monitor our web-site for updated information.